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Meetings in 2016

== Meeting April 26, 2016 ==


- Update from those present on prediction activities

-- Seasonal prediction, comparison MPI and NorCPM

- Data storage issues

- Reporting in CRISTIN


== Meeting Oct 2nd, 2014 ==

Updates and plans -Francois: Has begun assimilation with the ME version of NorESM; He will do some tests on the impact of more frequent than monthly assimilation cycles

- Mao-Lin: Has been testing full field assimilation with SST. He will perform start an assimilation for the period 1980 till present

- Yigou: testing super layer assimilation scheme in NorCPM

- Yvan/Retish: Completing a paper on the impact of snow initialisation in the ECMWF system on the 2009 forecast; They have started to think about assimilating land surface and will visit Bergen for more detailed discussions with Francois.

- Thomas: He will start work on atmospheric nudging, so that it can be incorporated into the full field assimilation and for assimilating land surface data

- Shunya: He will continue analysis of the F19_g16 runs and also of the ME runs performed by Ingo

- Teferi: Has been analysing the bias development in ECEARTH prediction experiments, and doing some test with NorCPM

We discussed CMIP6, and I have written the following email to Mats:

I read quickly through the part of the document relating to DCPP. And although Ingo is away this week, several of us discussed participating. Firstly, it should be recognized that the number of runs being requested is substantial (Ensemble predictions, started once per year, from 1960, and for 5-10 year duration). At the moment we do not have the resources to complete this exercise. Nevertheless, we are interested to be involved to some degree. I would hope to be involved in the final design of such experiments before committing ourselves. So I think you can indicate our interest.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 13th from 14:00-16:00

== Meeting Sep 5th, 2014 ==

Thank you for the meeting. I found it very useful. Here is a short summary. Please correct if needed.

- Francois to provide sea ice data to Retish so that we can have a quick assessment of sea ice in the analysis (I am not sure if this necessary anymore)

- Yvan and Retish will focus on a method to initialize snow in NorCPM.

- Ingo will make available data from the high-top control run that Nour-Eddine can analyse when he visits later in September

- Next Thursday, 11th of September, from 10-12, Francois will give an introduction to using NorCPM. I have sent an email to Berit to book the conference room, and also to support-uib to add Shunya to the NorESM unix group

- Ingo will check about ESMF library and get in touch with Retish

- Thomas will provide the source mods for the energy bug fix

- I have just called NorStore about disk space. I think we will get a 10TB increase, but I am waiting for confirmation

- I have written to Mahaut for EPOCASA wiki page

In terms of strategies:

- We agreed that high-top runs would be tested in Oslo for initialization of chemistry in prescribed SST runs

- High-top model needs some tuning, and Nour-Eddine can help with assessing model performance

- In Bergen (Mao-Lin, Shunya, Thomas, Teferi) we will begin work on full field initialisation, atmospheric nudging, and flux correction. We will use the low-top model using energy bug fix.

- In Bergen, more tests are ongoing with Yigou new approach to avoid the problems with neg DP, and with the NorESM1 version

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 2nd of October, from 13-15.